Boston University, Leventhal Center

Boston, MA

Commissioned by BU’s President as a gift for the donor’s at the building’s dedication, the view was selected from a few sketch drawings and watercolor studies. The scale and detail of the new addition required a large work, and a carefully selected angle to provide some depth to a nearly flat single facade view. The neutral palette of natural materials was contrasted by the variable darks of the glass and their reflections. Within the materials’ neutral values were rich shadings of color and tone that provided depth and detail. The plein air work was produced on a hot press surface from my travel palette (see the process page). The Leventhals were so thrilled with the piece that they made sure it was available to them directly after the Dedication ceremonies.

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Limited Edition of 250, Archival Print

9" x 12" - $95
12" x 18" - $135
Greeting Card - $4

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