Castine’s Corner Store

Castine, Maine

The unusual design of a columned corner entry on a sloped street presented a rare architectural subject for this work, painted during the annual Castine Plein Air Festival. The contrast between the building’s formal panels, angles and details and the flowing, curved forms of the flag and pendants were the dynamic elements for the composition of this town’s anchor location. Presenting numerous descriptive elements of decorative use – the signboard, flower boxes, wooden benches, a bright vending machine – against the architectural backdrop, all contributed to the identity of this unique place. The late afternoon shadows also defined the building forms, with the red column vertically dividing the composition into a pattern nearly in thirds. The pale building colors also provided a neutral backdrop for contrasting the shadow shapes and colors. The strong perspective convergence at the left is restrained by the opposing angles of the pendants and flag, as well as the shadow angles. Portraying the essence of a small hometown establishment, this painting attracted the jurors’ attention to win the “Castine Captured” Award.

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Limited Edition of 100, Archival Print
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9" x 12" - $95
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